A Survival Guide To Losing An Hour

A Survival Guide To Losing An Hour

Are you suffering from the effects of Daylight Saving Time? While you can’t exactly get back an hour, you can try to adapt accordingly.

Check your clocks.

Make sure you set your clocks ahead an hour. And if you’re really keen, set them an hour and a few minutes ahead. That way you can trick yourself into thinking you have less time when you actually have a few extra minutes to get ready and out the door.

Follow a routine.

Eat your meals the same time you normally would. Even if you aren’t hungry. Even if you don’t feel like it. If you waited until you wanted or felt like writing, how many words would you write? Exactly. Don’t mess with your body’s internal clock.

Make gradual changes.

Now’s as good a time as any to change what you don’t like. Cut out bad habits. Want to consume less coffee? Hope to exercise more? Do both gradually. Go from three cups to two to one. Start with 20 minutes of exercise 2 days a week to 30 minutes every 3 days to 50 minutes 5 days.

Listen to yourself.

Your body knows best. Tired eyes? Sleep. Dry throat? Drink. Empty stomach? Eat.

Prioritize your priorities.

You have one less hour to do what you normally would. So do what’s urgent first. Then save the not so urgent stuff for another day. Don’t worry, that YouTube video won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Take tiny breaks.

You’re already in a pinch for time, but you still need breaks to recharge. You’ll more efficient if your energy levels are high.

Make small sacrifices.

It won’t kill you to miss out on a little TV time. Netflix will wait. Time won’t.

You have many hours ahead of you to be productive and present!

(Totally unrelated side note: Let’s see how long I can keep up with the blog graphic. Bet away.)

13 thoughts on “A Survival Guide To Losing An Hour

  1. I like the graphic. It’s a nice touch. 🙂
    Losing an hour didn’t bother me at all. I woke up fine, was wide awake all day, and wasn’t tired to go to bed last night. Though I’m exhausted this morning.


    1. Thanks!
      That’s good to hear. Some people have an easier time adjusting than others. I guess you’re one of them. Today’s international napping day to help people adjust to the time difference.


  2. I swear it gets harder every year. I was useless yesterday. I think last year DST threw my body off for like two weeks!

    It didn’t start hitting me until my 20s. Maybe not until I had a normal schedule with a job and stuff. Ugh. Waking up at 6 when it’s really 5 is awful.


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