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Survive The Writing World

Surviving The Writing World

It can be done.


Run from scam and spam.

Some people will try to scam you. Some people will definitely spam you. Be aware. Ignore. Run away from your computer screaming at the top of your lungs. The latter will not let you down. 

Be proud of your work and yourself.

Don’t devalue your value. Enough said. 

Do what you love.

Do what you want. Do what you care for. Do what you’re passionate about. How original, Herminia. Now you’ve referred to yourself in third person. Now you’re talking to yourself. Great. I blame university for using up the hours where I’m somewhat sensible. Anyhow, write the story you’ve always been meaning to tell. Create a random blog post because you feel like it. Why inflict pain upon yourself when you can inflict joy or satisfaction? That’s obviously a rhetoric question. As a reader of aspiringwriter22, you already knew that, didn’t you? 

Try to get paid.

The pay isn’t always great. But if you’re going to spend half your week working on an article, it’s nice knowing you’ll be able to pay the bills…or ten percent of one. You don’t deserve to spend your whole life working for free. You’re better than that.

Continue to write. 

There’s always another story to share, a different post out there. There is always something you could be doing. Please tell you me won’t ever settle for one good book or one great article.

Never stop learning.

The older you get, the less you realize you know. That’s life. All the more reason to learn and learn. This is usually when the writer (me) tells the reader (you) to pick up a book and (gasp) open one, so you can (double gasp) read it.

Make your own breaks.

Relax, kick back, go on vacation. It’s not the end of the world if you take a day off.

You either live long enough that you write something or you die trying to. 


8 thoughts on “Survive The Writing World

  1. I love your posts like this.
    Also, I can’t even begin to explain the amount of spam WordPress catches in my comments. Though I always look it over because every once in a while I will find a legit person with an actual thoughtful comment that somehow got thrown into the spam jail.


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