Personal Reflection

Hire Me

Hire MePlease.

Maybe I should have titled this post “Pay Me” instead.

Pay me, please.

Trying to find a job isn’t easy.

Especially when you’re picky like me.

Even more so when you have zero job experience.

And not much else to show for.




Is someone sick? 

Just sick of school. 

27 thoughts on “Hire Me

  1. Jobs are stupid. I could rant on and on about going to work and stuff, despite that I love my job.
    I recently just joined Upwork, which is a writing website where people post freelancing jobs that you can apply to. I haven’t actually used it yet due to lack of time, but it may not be a bad thing to look into.


    1. Aw I hope I can find a job I love. Although I’m sure working for someone else won’t always be easy and fun.
      Hmm I haven’t heard of Upwork. Oh, time. 24 hours in a day isn’t enough.


      1. I love my job, but it doesn’t pay well. I wish it didn’t have to be about money, but when you need to pay bills… Ugh.
        I’ve heard good things about Upwork though I don’t know anyone who has used it.


  2. I hear you – it’s difficult to find work when you’re just getting out of school. Like Rachel, I’m also on Upwork – I’ve dome some writing and transcription work through them, so you may want to look at that. There’s also a lot of websites that hire writers. The jobs are out there, trust me – you just have to keep looking. And don’t forget to read reviews on the companies you’re considering, to get an idea of what people liked/disliked about working there – Glassdoor is a great source of information for those.


    1. Mhm okay I’ll definitely check out Upwork during this summer then. Thank you. Yeah there are tons out there. Job hunting just takes a lot of time. All right, that’s a good idea. I really appreciate your advice.


  3. You could always try offering an editing service on your blog for a small fee. It’s a start and gains you experience. I’m looking for another person to join my panel of judges for The Diamond Book Award… unfortunately, it’s voluntary at the moment, but it would look good on a CV! πŸ™‚


      1. Worth a try… can’t hurt anything. Let me know if you’re interested in being on my panel. πŸ™‚


      2. Or, you could simple send a message using my all new contact page in the menu section. πŸ™‚ But, don’t feel obliged… no pressure. πŸ™‚


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