Write The Right Way With Grammarly

I’m a broke university student who uses Grammarly, so I’m not a broke, failing university student.

Grammar Checker

Ever thought about investing in a grammar, plagiarism, and spell checker to take your writing to the next level?

Well, Grammarly can check all that and more!

What Is Grammarly?

Grammarly improves communication among the world’s more than 2 billion native and non­native English writers. Millions of registered users worldwide trust Grammarly’s products, which are also licensed by more than 600 leading universities and corporations.”

What do I get for Free?

You’ll get Grammarly’s best­in­class automated proofreader in three different formats. All of them will check your writing for spelling mistakes (including contextual errors) and 150 types of grammatical mistakes. Grammarly will also help you identify wordiness, vocabulary mistakes, and more. The three formats you will have instant access to are the online Grammarly Editor, the Grammarly browser extension, and Grammarly for your desktop.

Why Premium?

To give you a clearer picture of why many users choose to upgrade to Premium, here is a simple guide to the features available with both products.”

Grammarly Free Versus Premium

You can obviously get the free version for free. But why settle for free when you can upgrade to the premium version instead?

The editor has helped me fix countless of my most common grammar and spelling mistakes. You’d be surprised at some of the things I’ve typed. It should come as no surprise that the spell checker has saved me from utter embarrassment and total humiliation. There’s a reason why I never won a spelling bee growing up. I never will. I don’t deserve to.

Also, since everyone’s so fond of saying I plagiarized when I actually wrote the piece myself, it’s nice to know Grammarly has my back.

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If you use any of these links, I’ll earn a small commission and you’ll be supporting this blog. You will also earn my appreciation forever. What more could you possibly want?

I completely understand if you don’t want to or aren’t in a position to purchase Grammarly. But you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by simply trying the free version.

Thank you so much. As always, happy writing.

5 thoughts on “Write The Right Way With Grammarly

  1. You can’t tell a story with that app. It gets in the way and becomes a giant pain in the posterior. My narrative telling is me telling the story as if I was relating the story verbally. Yes you have to make considerations because of the difference in the mediums when story telling.

    Spell check isn’t going help you when you type “bare” and mean “bear”. A grammar check should pick that up and I haven’t seen a native to the word process software available that doesn’t pick those errors up.

    Write the right way? Part of the beauty of your narrative is what you bring of yourself and how you express to the story. A programmed response mechanism to proof my story? Not happening, not ever!


    1. Yeah, you’re responsible for telling the story and telling it well. Grammarly is just a line of defence to pick up on common errors or mistakes. It actually does distinguish between “bare” and “bear”. It pops up, saying “possibly confused word: bear” and then asks “did you mean bare?”. It realizes the word “doesn’t seem to fit the context” and suggests you switch it with a different one.
      The title actually acknowledges that the editor can distinguish between “write” and “right” as well as other words that sound the same but are spelt differently. But I agree with you. Storytelling is about expressing yourself.

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