​​​​Do’s And Don’ts of Writing An Essay

In honour of finishing my last essay for this school year, I’m publishing a post on writing essays. Don’t you love my logic?

Thanks my own decisions and the education system, I have (very minimal) experience writing essays. And despite that lovely experience, I still suck. My lack of skill isn’t about to change anytime soon. So you better question everything you read from me. I don’t hold myself accountable for any bad essays and/or bad marks as a result of your following my advice.

Do brainstorm, outline, etc.

Despite my inclination to write novels without outlining beforehand, I don’t think it’s easy to write an entire essay from start to finish without at least a general idea of what you’re writing about. Sure you could write a draft as a way of exploring what you want to say and how you want to say it. However, writing an entire paper without an outline is like exploring a city without a map. But worse. And harder. Probably not as fun either.

Don’t assume or guess.

Don’t jump to conclusions. Don’t be that guy or girl who thinks they know something when they don’t. Don’t be someone who assumes they’re right but is far from it. Just don’t. Educate yourself. Fact check. Be smart. If you can’t be smart, at least play the part. In other words, don’t be me.

Do the necessary reading(s)/research.

You might find gaps in your research as you’re writing. You may have to reread an article you’ve already read as you work away. That’s okay. What isn’t okay is being wildly unprepared. Would you travel somewhere without doing a bit of reading or researching of the country?

Don’t cry; don’t lie.

Again, don’t be me. Besides, crying wastes your precious time. Thinking of writing an essay like going on a journey.

This blog post is my way of subliminally and not so subtly shouting at you from my desk. Clearly I want to get out of this city. Anyone want to fund me?


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