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On Writing Essay Based Exams

Since I wrote one essay based exam last night, I now think I’m an expert and can dole out advice.

Like so…

Answer what’s asked.

Even if you’re asked to write about a character you despise so much you wish he or she had died, write about him or her anyway. I may or may not have some anger issues I need to work out.

Use the space allotted as a guide to how much you should write.

If how many points are awarded per question, use that to your advantage as well. Use everything to your advantage, especially if you feel like you’re at a disadvantage.

Don’t write big.

It’s better to have some lines remaining than run out of space. Yes, I had extra paper in my booklet. No, I didn’t write big. I’m not that much of a hypocrite.

Note the questions that are worth the most points.

Tackle them first to ensure you have a chance at getting the majority of your marks. If they’re equal, divide your time as evenly as you can.

Fluff is fluff.

Fluff isn’t worth your writing time or the grader’s reading time. Don’t include it to begin with. Save yourself from the pain.

Be thorough but not redundant or repetitive.

Saying the same thing again and again isn’t going to help your case.

Depending on my final grade, I’ll let you know how well I did on the exam. My gut feeling is leaning towards not so well right now.

Maybe one day you’ll decide I’m very wise and my advice is worth following. Until then trust no one and nothing. Especially me and this blog.

10 thoughts on “On Writing Essay Based Exams

  1. Great points, Herminia! Having been on the other end of things like fluff and huge handwriting, I’d like to say most professors will see right through it because there’s ‘nothing’ there! I’m sure you’ll do better than you think you will, though perhaps not as well as you would like? 🙂


      1. I think I’ve crossed paths with some of your relatives! Actually, it’s hard for me to imagine you wasting your time on fluff and nonsense. You’re way too practical! 🙂


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