Poetry Contests 2016

In honour of National Poetry Month, whip up a poem and send it out!


Title of contest: 2016 CBC Poetry Prize

Type of entry: 400-600 words; unpublished and original obviously

Deadline: May 31, 2016

Fee (if any): $25 CAD

Prize (if applicable): $6,000 if win it all, publication, writing residency

Qualifications/Restrictions: Canadian citizens and/or permanent residents

Additional notes: They also host a short story and creative nonfiction competition every year


Title of contest: Sentinel Literary Quarterly Poetry Competition

Type of entry: Under 50 lines

Deadline: May 31st, 2016

Fee (if any): £4

Prize (if applicable): £200.00

Qualifications/Restrictions: Your poem shouldn’t be considered for publication elsewhere or accepted either

Additional notes: Ensure you haven’t published the piece on your blog


Title of contest: Tom Howard/Margaret Reid Poetry Contest

Type of entry: 250 lines or less; published or unpublished

Deadline: September 30, 2016

Fee (if any): $10 USD per poem

Prize (if applicable): $1,500, publication

Qualifications/Restrictions: None, really

Additional notes: Tom Howard accepts any style or genre; Margaret Reid accepts a poem that rhymes or follows a traditional style


Review the complete rules and guidelines if you plan on submitting. Remember that dates, fees, and prizes are subject to change.

I have no control over anything. If I did I would shower all writers with bills and books. Although the latter might hurt a little.

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