Things I Lack

I’m lacking…

Blogs to follow.

I followed a ton of blogs when I first began blogging, but I haven’t as of late. Sorry. Scream at me and say I’m a horrible blogger. Maybe then I’ll try to be better. I can’t make any guarantees. Have you met me? 

Pens to use.

Here’s some questionable advice from yours truly: Don’t get a writer flowers when you can get them pens. Or notebooks. Anything pretty and useful. 

Time to waste.

If you waste my time, the next time I see you will be too soon. Too soon indeed. 

What, if anything, are you lacking?

26 thoughts on “Things I Lack

  1. I’m lacking someone like you to be are blog at Gastradamus. Your feedback would mean the world to us. If you have the time let us know what you think of, “Mountain Dew Green Screen”.


      1. Did you hear that Jimmy Kimmel is running for vice president and do the have the new mountain dew green screen flavor in your country? If you have the time, your feedback would be amazing. Take care


  2. Following blogs is my problem as well. I follow a ton and there are so many more I can follow, but I can barely keep up with the ones I follow now. I’d have to be home reading blog posts 24/7 in order to catch up to all the ones I follow and hope to follow.


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