Bad Blogging Habits

Bad Writing Habits inspired this. And also my bad blogging habits rearing its ugly head helped me out as well.

  • Coming up with the longest titles. 19 words?!
  • Not publishing or scheduling my posts properly. Case in point.
  • Adding way too many tags. Well then
  • Bolding and italicizing excessively. Yikes!
  • Checking off several categories for a post. About that.
  • Doling out advice I don’t follow. Here, here, and here.

Shall I conjure up some “Bad Reading Habits”? I think I shall.


6 thoughts on “Bad Blogging Habits

  1. No ordinary Princess says:

    Then I must be the epitome of bad blogging habits!!!
    I thought if you had more categories, more people would read.
    Lol I just do what I want
    Lovely post by the way!

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