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How I Make Money Writing And Blogging 

Because I get asked how I make money way too much for my liking. So I’m going to answer it in a comfortable setting. 

And since on a good day I have about $30 to my name, I’m certainly an expert on making money. 

Winning Writing Competitions 

When is making money via writing easy? Never. But you’ll stand a better chance if you can find contests that limit applicants based on age, location or skill level. 

Blogging/Writing For Someone Else

There goes some of your freedom, but writing for an individual or an organization can be a valuable experience. If you have an opportunity to reach a potentially larger audience, take advantage of it. 

Affiliate Marketing 

Selling other people’s products or services and having to close a sale sounds simple in theory. In practice, it’s a different story. 

Or, like everyone’s so fond of saying, just get a traditional job. 

In other news, I’m going to be working part-time starting this Wednesday. See I do listen to people. Sometimes. I’ll have more than $30 to my name soon enough.


5 thoughts on “How I Make Money Writing And Blogging 

  1. Congrats on getting a part-time job! What will you be doing?
    Do you do any freelance writing at all? It’s something I’ve been looking into, but too afraid to start, lol.


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