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10 Tropes I Can’t Tolerate

My tolerance level is low.

  1. A girl who needs saving. No. Just no.
  2. Strangers meeting and falling in love within a split second. Seriously?
  3. Underachievers. Get a goal. 
  4. Someone overestimating him- or herself. Cocky!
  5. A character who doesn’t seem to have a past. I can’t relate.
  6. A father abandoning their daughter or son. It breaks my heart.
  7. Love triangles. I have nothing against triangles.
  8. A character with a largely unfair advantage. Make it a bit more interesting by levelling the playing field.
  9. Cliques and clichés. That’s lazy writing at its worst.
  10. Anyone who hates reading and writing. We can’t be friends.

Yes yes, I know. Some of these aren’t exactly tropes, just random things that occasionally irk me.

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