Write More This Summer

Allow me to quote myself:

Happy writing an atrocious amount of words even though you don’t have people to see or places to be.

Rectify that this summer by trying these tips? Or just rest and get rusty. Like me. That works too. It all depends on your priorities. 

  • Take writing seriously. 
  • Establish a routine. 
  • Enjoy your experience. 
  • Have many breaks. 
  • Live a lot. 
  • Love a lot. 
  • Laugh a lot. 
  • Reward yourself. 

Happy writing and stay cool!

8 thoughts on “Write More This Summer

  1. You want a good story? I’ll tip you off, check out blue jasmine. Its great and you will love it if you give it a chance. We are waiting for your review at Gastradamus


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