How Writing Is Like Pitching 

I’m in a beautiful baseball kick at the moment, so bear with me. 

You’re going to work a lot. 

You’ll get tired. You’ll feel exhausted. You’ll want to fall in bed and never get up some days. But you’ll keep going because you love what you do or make money doing it. If you’re lucky, it’s both. 

You’re going to have good and bad days. 

Cherish the former, remember the latter. 

You’re going to make mistakes. 

Unless you’re a machine built by aliens. Even then you’ll mess up. You might be a little too predictable, a tad bit repetitive. It’s okay. You don’t need to pitch perfectly to win ball games, and your writing doesn’t have to be perfect to get published. 

You’re going to have to adjust. 

Change that’s out of your control will happen. Adapt accordingly because you can bet other people are too. Don’t want to be left standing in the dirt, do you? 

You’re going to pitch to different people. 

That’s the nature of both worlds. You’ll pitch ideas to editors, to publishers. Just like in baseball, you’ll face your share of batters. And you will baffle many of them. 

If you hate baseball or more so hate me blogging about baseball, stay away from my blog for the next few months. By the end of this year, this weird kick may be over, and my blog posts might get better. No promises though. 


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