The Benefits Of Blogging

Because blogs benefit all human beings. 

Here are three things blogging can do for you: 

Backing up your stuff.

I have hundreds of drafts. I don’t intend to publish them all, but it gives me peace of mind knowing my hard work is saved somewhere safe. Especially since I fret about the original document getting deleted or misplaced. God forbid that ever happens to anyone.

Making you time manage. 

Hopefully well. 

Teaching you useful skills.

Like how to write. Or how to code. Even how to GIF. You don’t have to learn anything if you don’t want to. But you might as well.

Aren’t you glad you’re a blogger? 

7 thoughts on “The Benefits Of Blogging

  1. Why do you like blogging so much? I still don’t get the appeal of blogs very much. Although, perhaps you can change my mind. 😉


    1. Haha that could be an entire post on its own. Blogging is an escape for me. Also, I like being able to express myself somewhere where I feel safe and comfortable. I love the interactions with other bloggers!


      1. I also like to feel safe and comfortable, but somehow to me, it’s scarier when you can’t see the reactions of the people who read your work.
        Blogging seems like it should be an escape but to me, it also makes life more real in a strange way. Writing is an important thing to me, and so I always have really impossibly high standards for my writing. :/


      2. Mm that’s a good point. It’s scary but liberating at the same time in my opinion.
        Well said. Blogging is an escape from real life, but it can also immerse you deeper into the real world. Ah, I have the same issue. Just don’t let that stop you from writing.


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