Personal Reflection

Why Growing Older Sucks

Someone will turn nineteen years old way too soon for her liking. 

And it sucks because…

  • You’re older.
  • You’ll get wrinkles. 
  • You’re expected to do things that are appropriate in association with your age. 
  • You’re going to have more responsibilities.
  • You’ll realize just how much this world sucks. 
  • You’re ineligible for some writing competitions.

10 thoughts on “Why Growing Older Sucks

  1. You won’t get wrinkles at 19!
    But whenever you feel down about getting “old,” just remember that I’ll be turning 23 not too long after you turn 19. Whenever I feel like I’m getting old, I just remember that my friend is older than me. Her birthday is five days after mine, but she’s a year older. I rub it in her face every year.


  2. All of those things will get even more sucky as you get older! I’ll be 39 this year!

    On the flip side, there are loads of great things about getting older too. Like life experiences. Strength of character. Travels. Knowing your own mind. Don’t dread it. Embrace it!


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