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Running From Recognition | A Short Story


He turns around to see the woman who said his name. She’s taller than he remembers. Before he had to look down to make eye contact with Hannah, but now she’s almost as tall as he is. Aside from her height, nothing else has changed. James, on the other hand, has. He swapped his glasses for contact lenses, grew a beard, and dyed his hair.

“How’d you recognize me?”

Hannah giggles. “James, you’re not that hard to recognize despite all this.” She makes gestures near his face with her hands. “How are you?”

He glances at his watch. “I need to go.”

“But surely we can—”

He picks up his pace as he jogs away. “Next time.”

Hannah debates chasing after him, but decides to stay in place. 

James never thought he would see anyone he knew ever again, especially not his ex-girlfriend.

He feels his disguise needs work. She recognized him even after fifteen years. He can’t afford to be recognized.

He hurries away to his old, beat up car. Always looking over his shoulder, always running from one place to the next, took a toll on him. Looking into the rear-view mirror, he can see the dark circles under his light blue eyes.

One day he’ll stop running. At least that’s the promise he makes to himself every night before going to sleep. But today won’t be that day. He starts his car and takes off again.

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