Never Have I Ever | Reading Edition 

Never have I ever written in a book I own.

I can’t bring myself to.

Never have I ever kissed a book.

Or anyone for that matter.

Never have I ever read a book by J.K. Rowling.

Maybe I should change that.

Never have I ever pulled an all-nighter reading.

Sleep wins out.

Never have I ever dropped a book in the bath.

I don’t take baths.

Never have I ever thought a movie was better than the book.

That’s probably because I rarely watch any movies.

Never have I ever burned a book.

I refuse to.

20 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever | Reading Edition 

  1. 1) Harry Potter is a conquest I am in the middle of completing (when I’m not bogged down by work.) It is an enjoyable read.
    2) I… have written in books, but to be fair, I’ve only written in books assigned to me by school. When I’m “forced” to read books, I often can’t get into them as I would have if it’s a pleasure read. And most of the books I have written in are non-fiction because all of the facts would be read but nowhere near retained for me to keep up my good grades. This is because my history teacher once told me “you remember details more if you interact with it.” So if you take notes while you read, and then play games with it, or retell the details to someone else, you retain more of the information.
    3) Everything else is strange that someone would even ask you such questions? Kiss a book? Burn a book? Sounds like weird things you could write fiction about. Why would someone want to do either?


    1. That’s good to know. I might pick those books up sooner or later.
      True true. I still avoid writing in books, even ones for school. I like to take notes in a notebook or even a piece of paper. Yeah, makes sense. Mhm I agree.
      Haha I know right?


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