Creative Writing

Forever | A Short Story

“You like Philip, don’t you?” Lisa said, raising her eyebrows at Emily. 

“No, I don’t.”

“That’s what they all say.”

Emily fingered the heart-shaped charm on her necklace. “I really don’t.”

“You can lie to me all you want.” Lisa’s eyes widened as did her smile. “Just admit it.”

“I don’t have to admit something that isn’t true.” 

Lisa pointed at Emily. “You always touch your necklace.”

Emily didn’t say anything to this.

“You never take it off.”

Still, Emily stayed silent.

“I swear you’ve worn that necklace since…forever.” Lisa’s lips were no longer curled upwards but instead set in a straight line. “What gives? There’s no way Philip gave that to you—”

“He’s dead,” Emily said. Her voice was barely above a whisper.

“What?” Her friend’s jaw dropped.

Emily shut her eyes. “The guy who gave me this necklace is dead, Lisa.”

“But how is that even possible? How did I…” Her thought trailed off because she didn’t want to complete it.

“Anything’s possible. You say that all the time.” Emily shrugged. 

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