The Future Of This Blog

Unfortunately school starts soon.

Fortunately that should mean I’ll be more productive because I have to get into a routine. Or I’ll be less productive because I have to go to class every day of the week.

Can you see how hard I’m trying to be optimistic but then my realistic side comes out?

So you can either expect better content on this blog or less and a lot worse. Don’t get your hopes up.

My laziness levels have reached all time highs. Productivity is at an all time low for me. I speak the truth. 

But that being said, I still love this blog. And the future of it looks just fine.

That’s optimism ladies and gentlemen, a rare occurrence on here. Cherish it while it lasts.

6 thoughts on “The Future Of This Blog

  1. If I can teach Advanced Writing and be a writing coach to 24 juniors and seniors at university level (12 different majors) and still keep going at the age of 71, my Dear, you can certainly keep your blog going! I predict both our blogs will only improve in writing skills and in content. THINK POSITIVE!
    p.s. I am already into the second week!


  2. I hear you… That’s why I’ve been trying so hard to plan ahead! Work starts back up for me in two weeks so that’s ten hours of my day gone. Oh, I can’t wait…


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