Made Me | A Poem

I don’t think you realize

You gave me life

Got me to believe

That confidence is key

I could be so much better

Even if we weren’t together

Taught me more than anyone else

Allowed me to be myself

I can’t thank you enough

Nothing will ever measure up

You gave my world a purpose

Made this hard work worth it

I’d do anything for you

Because you made me


10 thoughts on “Made Me | A Poem

      1. I never get rid of anything I’ve written. Many a graduate school paper had its beginnings in an undergraduate essay or research paper. It helps that there were 19 or 20 years between these two parts of my education.

      2. I had a twenty yrs public school teaching career (reading as an elective, Journalism and English all with 6th 7th and 8th graders) before I got burned out on kids. Two years as a full time student, majoring in Literature, led me to three years at a community college and then to 27 years at an upper level university (juniors, seniors, and graduate students). No, don’t add it up for me, please. I feel old enough already.

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