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An Accident | A Short Story 

They had agreed to meet up at six o’clock on the dot. Oddly enough Tom arrived first.

He scoped out the area, saw no signs of her, and decided to wait in the car. Winter in Canada meant he did what he could to avoid freezing outside unnecessarily. Besides his car was warm, toasty even. Just the right temperature.

She didn’t return a single one of his texts. So he tried calling her instead.

The call went through, but he got her voicemail. Tom didn’t bother leaving a message. She never checked her voicemail, he knew that. She didn’t have to because she answered every call. Or at least the ones she wanted to answer.

He didn’t panic right away. Rather his mind tried to justify her tardiness. He wondered why she wasn’t replying to his texts or answering his calls. The longer he thought about her behaviour, the more worried he became.

She teased him all the time. In all their time together, six months to be exact, Tom left her waiting. She teased him even more when he took several hours to text her back. To be fair, Tom checked his phone less because very few people had his phone number. And even fewer people actually contacted him via cell.

They called each other often though. Usually Tom waited for her to call him. The times he had been the one to call her, she picked up. On the third ring at the latest.

Something didn’t feel right. His stomach started growling like it would when he felt hungry. But his hunger had nothing to do with it.

Making up his mind, he gunned the engine. He planned to go to her house, find out what was keeping her. A part of him figured she would have left her house by now, but if something had happened, maybe he could catch her at home.

Tom sped, driving faster than he dared to. He wove in and out of lanes. He ran red lights. He didn’t even make complete stops at the stop signs.

His phone buzzed as the beginning of his ringtone started to play.

“Ingrid?” He drove with one hand on the steering wheel and another on his phone.

“Tom?” The voice on the other line sounded nothing like Ingrid.

It took Tom a second to identify who the voice belonged to. Ingrid’s brother. “Isaac?”

“She’s in the hospital.” A pause before he added, “Car crash.”

8 thoughts on “An Accident | A Short Story 

  1. I’d love to see what happens next.
    Also, I thought the story was going to take an unexpected turn. I thought Ingrid was on the phone and that was going to cause Tom to get into an accident. Well written though!


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