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A Life | A Short Story

“You saved my life.” Ron croaked. He was lying on a hospital bed, hooked up to a bunch of machines that made annoying noises. But Betty did her best to ignore the inanimate objects in order to focus on the living human being in front of her.

“No, the doctor who tended to you did.” She looked into Rob’s eyes, the pools of blue she never quite got used to. They were like whirlpools that sucked you in and refused to let you go.

Rob met her gaze before she glanced away. Betty scanned the bare but clean room with her dark eyes. She thought her bedroom was small, yet this space made her tiny apartment seem like a mansion.

When he started to cough, she panicked. “Are you okay? Should I call the doctor?”

Rob stopped coughing and smiled. “You’re haven’t changed one bit.”

She fell back into her chair, a hand on her heart.

He reached for her hand. She let him take it in his.

“You scared me there.”

“Sorry.” A grin spread across his mouth, exposing his straight teeth. “I didn’t think you’d react like—”

“Like what, huh?”

Rob patted her cool hand.

The room felt cold all of a sudden. Betty rubbed her free hand across the expanse of her forearm. She braced herself. “Rob, there’s something I need to tell you.”

His grin didn’t disappear. “What’s that?”

“I’m…” Betty pulled her hand away. Rob’s face fell but he composed himself quickly.

“What’s wrong?”

She shook her head. “Nothing’s wrong. It’s just while you were, um, unconscious I found out that I’m…”

He leaned forward. “Betty, tell me.”

The door opened. She heard the sound of footsteps, recognized them even.

Gregory entered the room, carrying two containers of take out food. “Betty, you need to eat something. You’re feeding two people after all.”

Understanding dawned on Rob’s face. The grin reappeared. “You’re pregnant?”

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