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I Shouldn’t Make Decisions In The Morning

I hope you have a sarcasm detector, and more importantly, I hope it’s working.

Surprisingly enough, I woke up early today. That never happens. I always oversleep my alarm. I’m thinking of buying ten more. I totally don’t have trouble sleeping or staying asleep.

With tons of free time on my hands, I decided to go back to my high school. I definitely didn’t go back already earlier this month. I miss it so much I have to visit all the time.

Then once I was outside my house, I started to run. Yes, you’re looking at a world-class, long-distance runner. I can even sprint short distances no problem. I’m super fit, okay? I could do 10 km in my sleep easily. What, you think I slowed down and started walking after five minutes of light jogging? Please set your standards for me a little higher.

This goes to prove I shouldn’t make decisions at eight in the morning. Also, I probably shouldn’t draft blog posts at one in the afternoon the same day I didn’t get enough sleep prior to suffocating from a sea of teenage sweat I voluntarily waded in.

I might have gone slightly crazy cooped up in a subway cart. The result? This post.

My life in 3 words: sleep, school, and sarcasm.

I didn’t forget about adverbs in abundance.

Most of what I said was sarcastic by the way if you didn’t catch on, but you probably did because you’re smart. And I’m not being snarky when I say that.

6 thoughts on “I Shouldn’t Make Decisions In The Morning

  1. This was a delight to read. I am the opposite of you. I am annoyingly early (I show up at your door while you are still shampooing your hair) perhaps because I grew up in a military family, and if you were not half an hour early, you were late! And excuses (They were never “reasons”, everything was an “excuse”.) were unacceptable. Punctuality may be a virtue, but pile it on too thick, and it can “lose you” friends. I think you young people have got it right–punctual most of the time with flexibility and no panic when running (in your case literally) late.


    1. Ah thank you! Oh, that’s interesting. I always like being early. But not that early. Though I do have nightmares of being tardy. Haha everything’s an excuse, huh? It’s my fault the bus didn’t come. 😉 I know exactly what you mean. Well I was a bit worried, but it worked out just fine in the end.


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