Personal Reflection

Change, Change, Change

Can you tell I’ve been bombarded by too many changes all at once?

My phone, my computer.


I’m losing my mind. I can’t cope.

To be fair, I updated my mobile to iOS 10 voluntarily. It’s going to take some getting used to, that’s for sure.

I’m also not entirely sure what happened with my PC. I think my computer stopped loving me.

And, of course, WordPress decided to work their wordy magic. I don’t know when they did, but I only noticed today. Fake blogger alert.

My posts as of late have been a mess because I’m a mess the later it gets during the night, which is the only time I bring myself to work on my blog.

October’s been full of fun changes. I’ve convinced myself that I am brimming with excitement.

How is the new month treating you?

I know I sound like a 19 year old. But that’s because I am a 19 year old.

16 thoughts on “Change, Change, Change

  1. I think because I live in a hot sandy sandwich of a place, I cannot derive the same pleasure from October that my Western friends can. It’s 32 degrees in the shade – so no spiced pumpkin lattes. Anything with skulls on it is satanic and thats taken fairly seriously here, so no trick or treating and dress up Halloween parties are few and rarely worth it. No beautiful red leaves falling with dying grace onto concrete.
    Gah. I’m counting down to pay day.


  2. What changes did WordPress make? I haven’t noticed anything…
    Also, how’s iOS10? I still haven’t updated my phone. I’m so skeptical about these things now.
    But here’s the better question… Did the phone update make the WordPress app go faster?


    1. If you click on someone’s name in the Reader, the format of their blog posts is different.
      I don’t mind it as much as I thought I would. But there were a ton of updates, more so than previous ones. They revamped the appearance of some apps and also the phone in general.
      I like to think so. But I can’t be entirely sure if I just have a better WiFi connection or if the update has indeed helped WordPress run faster.


      1. Oh, see I always open the posts in a new tab. I like seeing the actual blogs.
        Yeah, it sounds like an intense update. I’ll probably update it sometime soon.


      2. I updated the phone! It’s very strange. Though not as bad as I thought it would be. The WordPress app loads faster now at least!


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