Blogging Is Hard

It’s hard. It isn’t easy. I don’t know why I ever thought it was the latter and not the former.

Oh, how bad can blogging be?

It’s not bad. It just isn’t always what I deem to be good. And I don’t always feel amazing when I’m blogging. But I still blog anyway. Because if I only wrote when I wanted to or blogged when I felt like it, there would be a grand total of three posts on here.

And even though I’m lazy, I refuse to be that lazy.


28 thoughts on “Blogging Is Hard

  1. Rachel says:

    Blogging is so hard! But I find myself wanting to blog all the time. Lately I’ve been blogging more than I’ve been writing, which isn’t necessarily a good thing, lol.

  2. paulettemotzko says:

    Blogging isnt hard if you bring to it the right attitude Rachel.

    What you want to do is to not ever write the words “blogging it’s hard” again!

    And instead you want to search your soul and sit and just think before you wait and think about the things you are most passionate about, the things that you love, and the things that you do better than anybody else.

    Once you start capitalizing on your attributes, the words will effortlessly flow from the depths of your soul and mind.

    If you have a specific talent share it with the world.

    When you showcase those things- and you write about the things that you feel strongly about or care about- all of the words will just flow.

    Once you write then you put on the editors cap later.

    Create the best and most extraordinary that you can do and right within your heart and you cannot go wrong.

    Paulette Le Pore Motzko

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