10 Blogging Realizations

  1. It’s your blog, not anyone else’s.
  2. Listen to your heart and your head.
  3. You are your own blogger.
  4. Do as you please.
  5. Don’t let others make you feel bad.
  6. Surround yourself around people who push you to be the best you can be.
  7. Blog for yourself. 
  8. Stop trying to be someone you aren’t.
  9. You will make many mistakes.
  10. Blogging is more enjoyable if you’re having fun.

4 thoughts on “10 Blogging Realizations

  1. Yes & yes & yes. This is something that, I think, we all must stumble upon in our years of blogging. These realisations are fundamental to the way we blog. If it is not for ourselves, then who else could it be for, no? Thank you so much for sharing, friend. Such wonderful reminders. ❤


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