I Love The Oxford Comma

I love commas. I mean I love every punctuation mark.

I don’t discriminate. I don’t exclude.

But I really love the Oxford comma. And if you don’t, I’m not judging you. *secretly judges you from afar*

How can you not love it and use it?

For the love of grammar, do employ commas correctly. Even better you can’t really go wrong with an Oxford comma. It tends to clear up confusion in some cases.

Who wants to be confusing and unclear?

Not you. So use the Oxford comma. And yes, I’m assuming everyone knows what it is because you should. Honestly, I’m too lazy to explain it. Also, someone out there has defined it more eloquently than I ever would.

So please, please my eyes and use the Oxford comma. And all commas. Correctly, especially. If I see a comma splice, it’ll be too soon.

8 thoughts on “I Love The Oxford Comma

  1. I am comma phobic. Perhaps it comes from the stream of consciousness style of writing I do. When I do use the comma I don’t always get it right for some reason. For someone who likes to blog, I am not good at punctuation.


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