Personal Reflection

Don’t Waste…

Don’t waste words. Don’t waste time. Don’t waste life.

Words are precious. Time is limited. And life is short.

So don’t be wasteful.

I hate seeing anything wasted. Hate it with every fibre of my being.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Waste…

  1. I hate to see food wasted. I always ask for a to go container to take home what I couldn’t eat, and some of my best “warm up meals” have come from stretching (by adding potatoes or rolling up Mexican leftover rice and beans with a few pieces of leftover chicken in a flour tortilla) my leftovers. My mother grew up in the Great Depression when there wasn’t always enough to eat. Some of the recipes she handed down to me are meatless (Meat was too expensive to buy back then.) but very nutritional and very appealing to friends who are vegetarians.


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