An Open Letter To Students

Dear Students,

I know school isn’t always enjoyable, but I hope you never take learning for granted.

The school system isn’t perfect, but neither are you. So stop trying to be perfect. Don’t be that hard on yourself. You’re supposed to make mistakes and learn from them. If you aren’t, then you should be worried. 

While we’re on the topic of worrying, just remember there’s only so much you can control and so much more that you can’t. Control what you can. 

You can do something right now to close the gap between where you are at this very moment and where you want to be in a week, a month, a year. Do it. Don’t wait. Don’t procrastinate. 

Even when you’re busy, especially when you’re busy, take some time for yourself. Do something you enjoy doing. Read. Write. Sing. Dance.

It’s okay. It’s going to be okay. Breathe. Eat. Sleep. Allow yourself to live. Let yourself have a life. 

School isn’t forever. What you’re going through isn’t either. Take it day by day. If one entire day gets to be too much, take it hour by hour. Minute by minute.

I don’t personally know you, but I wish you the very best. You have what it takes to tackle any and every challenge coming your way. Also just about everyone I know who isn’t in school anymore wishes they could be. So enjoy your school years.

Please don’t ever stop learning.

From one life long learner to another,


8 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Students

      1. I have no idea, lol. I want to take a photography class, I would love to go for film or creative writing, or even go for special ed. It’s hard, lol.


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