One Week Of NaNoWriMo 

It’s been a week already? Wow, times flies by when you should be writing but you aren’t. Clearly I have yet to correct my procrastinatory ways.

Time really flies by when you’re writing or thinking about writing. I’ve done more of the latter because it’s easier.

Here’s where I am…

I have no idea what’s going on. My protagonist doesn’t either. Although she probably knows more than I do.

I don’t know if I can sustain my story much longer. I’m sure my characters won’t leave me alone if I abandon them though. 

I am confused. Like everyone else I’ve created this month.

7 thoughts on “One Week Of NaNoWriMo 

  1. A while back, you gave a shout out to readers of your blog for advice on procrastination. Here is the “friendly talk” I give my seniors at the university:

    Procrastination: “The act of putting things off that you should be doing right now in favor of doing another thing that is usually more enjoyable.” Psychologist Clay Lay says procrastination is, “A temporary gap between intended behavior and enacted behavior.”


    Set your plans and priorities first thing in the morning or the night before.

    Concentrate on one thing at a time.

    Close your door.

    Set and keep limits on social visits or text visiting.

    Don’t be a perfectionist.

    Set realistic expectations. Learn to say no to friends asking for help or wanting to “run by you” what they’ve written, and try not to put others’ needs before your own (getting your goal done). As in a plane emergency, put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others!

    Facts from Psychology Today:

    20% of people identify themselves as procrastinators.

    People who procrastinate have higher levels of health issues. “A study showed that procrastinating college students had more compromised immune systems.” They have more colds, flu, and gastrointestinal problems.

    Now if I could just take my own advice!


    p.s. No time to proofread, Hon, consider mistakes hugs!



    1. Aw thanks for sharing all this. I’m trying to get better at not procrastinating. I used to be someone who started things early. Or as early as possible. But these days I’ve been putting off work for more enjoyable activities. If only I can take all this advice and apply them to my life. Ah I haven’t fallen ill for a while, so I guess that means my procrastination isn’t too bad. Haha.

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