When I’m A Published Writer…

I will participate in every NaNoWriMo session and write 50,000 words easily.

I will walk into bookstores, secretly sign copies of my books, then leave with bags filled with notebooks.

I will attend writing conferences, meet many writers, write with them, etc.

I will host bookish giveaways on my blogs for the best followers in the world. 

I will be part of a group full of other writers where we talk about our work at any hour of the night.

10 thoughts on “When I’m A Published Writer…

  1. This sounds heavenly to me!!! For you, of course. 🙂 Seriously, it sounds like you have some concrete goals in mind–with regard to writing and publishing. Yay!


      1. I hope they do, too! I can hear your sense of direction–which means you’re probably going to hit at least some of these imaginations of your heart!


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