Creative Writing

Self Reflection | A Short Story

The wind whipped her fair hair around her face. She tugged at the infinity scarf around her neck. Isabelle stood right at the edge of the railing, glancing out across the water. The reflection of the moon wavered on the waves.

A voice, low but clear, spoke from behind her. “This is late…even for me.”

She turned and leaned an elbow against the thin metal railing. “I gave you a choice, Marcus.”

“I never said you didn’t. I made my choice.”

Even in the darkness Isabelle could make out the scar running along his jaw. “I’ve made mine.”

Silence descended upon them save for the lapping water behind her.

He smiled, looking straight into her pale blue eyes. “So what can’t you say in the daylight that you’re willing to admit at night?”

She didn’t return his smile.

Marcus shot her a look, expectant.

“You asked me if I ever loved anybody.”

His eyebrows shot up but he didn’t say anything.

A strand of long hair landed in her mouth. Isabelle continued talking. “I told you I didn’t.”

“Fairly quickly too.”

She turned her back to him, facing the large body of water and the light of the full moon. “I realize that’s not true anymore.”

“So you do love someone?” Marcus inched closer as the side of his leather jacket flapped back and forth due to the wind.

Isabelle nodded slowly. “I do.”

He sucked in a breath, held it for as long as he could before exhaling. “Is that why you called me out here tonight?”

“More or less.”

“I have a question.”

She cocked her head to one side, still facing the lake. “What’s that?”

The light from the moon cast a shadow across half his face. “Did you ever think about giving up?”

“No.” She paused. “Because even though I hate the world, I love myself.”

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