Trying To Write

I’m trying to write. It’s NaNoWriMo for crying out loud.

I really want to write a lot this month. But the world won’t let me off so easily.

It’s beyond frustrating.

Technically, I am writing essays and papers for school. But that’s not the same as writing for myself. Writing creatively, unrestrained by grades and rules.

Leave me alone, academia. You’re not welcome in my perfect world. 

Can’t you see I’m trying to be creative?

4 thoughts on “Trying To Write

  1. My freshman professor of Eng. 101 in college said “There is no beauty (creativity) without form.” School essays and assignments will teach you organization and form. Then your creative efforts will be even more beautiful with form/organization. (End of sermon).


  2. School gets in the way of everything… I know I should probably say something nicer or wiser, but when you’re a creative “artist” and know what you want to do, school can be pretty restricting.


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