Writing and Perfectionism

I love writing.

(Can you please love me back?)

But it takes so long. I always underestimate how much time I need to write something. And more so when I have to edit anything.

Sometimes I think it’s just me. I need to find that perfect word. That sentence has to be just right. I’m seeking that ideal ending.

I’m such a peculiar perfectionist when it comes to writing. Less so blogging. For many, hopefully obvious reasons.

I guess the more you love something, the more you want everything about it to be perfect. Perfect in your head, in your heart. Perfect to you. Because who cares if it’s not perfect to someone else?

11 thoughts on “Writing and Perfectionism

  1. Writing is a gift and with practice it can become perfect. If you would like to witness perfection, than come to Gastradamus and check out Miss Scarlet and Blue Jasmine. You’ll witness how perfect writing works, happy Thanksgiving


  2. I have realised that I am not a particularly artistic person – visual arts, audio arts, physical arts are not my forte. Its quite disheartening, but that’s besides the point. Writing is possibly the only artistic form where I am more than mediocre. So it matters a lot to get it right to and for me.

    I get this.


  3. I do the same thing. I always think I can get something done within a week and then a year later I’m like, “What happened…? Shouldn’t this have been done by now?”


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