Writing Q & A | Unlikely Sources

All answers are my honest opinion. Feel free to agree. 

If you disagree then come after me with a pitch fork.

What’s an unlikely source of inspiration?

My interactions with other humans. Because it’s so rare for me to leave the house and even rarer that I interact with someone. Truth aside, baseball has been an unlikely source of inspiration for my fictional writing as of late. I don’t write about the game of baseball so much as I write about the lives of athletes and potential conflicts that could arise off the field.

What’s an unlikely source of motivation?

Does jealousy count? If no, then fear. I like to think I can motivate myself without external reward. But I might be more motivated to do something when I’m scared of the consequences. I study because I fear failure. I work because I’m afraid of being broke. As for what motivates me to write, I’m terrified the writing gods will frown down upon me if I don’t.

What’s an unlikely source of satisfaction?

Finishing a notebook and starting a new one. Mostly because I have a hard time filling a notebook completely before starting a new one.

What’s an unlikely source of frustration?

When people can’t detect my sarcasm via the written word. Or when an individual tells me my writing sucks. The latter doesn’t happen very often however.

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