Why I Don’t Comment Enough

I ought to comment more. But I don’t.

Sometimes I read something, and I don’t know what to say afterwards. I’m rendered speechless, usually for all the right reasons. In that case, kudos to you for leaving this writer at a loss for words.

But occasionally I have the hardest time hitting that reply button. I’ll type a comment, erase it, type something else, delete it. I hold back. I fear this, that. So sometimes those comments I came up with never make their way to all of the amazing bloggers out there.

Reading is easier. Reaching out is harder. Commenting can be challenging. But that’s why it’s so rewarding.

10 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Comment Enough

  1. I need to comment more, more so because I need to start reading more blogs. I check out the same blogs every day, which is good, but I need to branch out more. But I do know what you mean. Sometimes I feel repetitive when commenting.


    1. That too. I haven’t been very good at branching out to new bloggers. I guess it should be my new year’s resolution. Also, I’m not always sure what to say when I don’t know the blogger as well.


      1. Meeting new bloggers is tough, I agree. I try to read and comment on at least five new blogs a day. But it’s time consuming and it’s the last thing on my list so I don’t always get to it.


  2. I always feel more comfortable responding to comments left on my posts, than on others’ posts. Though over time it’s gotten easier–not just to leave a comment, but to decide not to leave a comment this time! Which can make me feel relieved and happy. 🙂


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