Blogging | What I Love | December 2016

When one is struggling with something, one remembers what one loves about that thing.

I love learning.

About blogging. About writing. About all of you. Also, I like to think I’ve learned more running this blog than I ever will taking a course about blogging, which I did by the way. What did I learn from the class? Blogging for a grade is not the way to go. Blogging for yourself is.

I love the interaction.

I tend to hate nine out of every ten face to face interactions with human beings. But when it comes to blogging, I’m happy to say I have so much fun responding to commments and engaging with everyone. None of which would be possible without other lovely bloggers. Thanks for indulging and spoiling me.

I love the idea of being a blogger.

The idea of actually blogging, not so much. Although I’m beginning to realize it isn’t so bad.

One can suck at something and still love it, right?

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