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Back To School Scenarios

I go back to school tomorrow. I want someone to tell me differently.

Best case scenario: I figure out a schedule that works, and I become the best blogger I’ve ever been. 

Worst case scenario: I fail miserably at everything from now until April, and I’ll never get my act together for as long as I live.

The first case is a dream; the second will be a reality. You’ll see soon enough.

37 thoughts on “Back To School Scenarios

      1. Well, don’t they just go over the syllabus and stuff on the first day? You don’t really have to do anything.
        Work was busy… my toughest kid was back in school. There was winter break and then she was sick, so she had about two weeks off instead of one. It was a rough, lol.


      2. Unfortunately, I had a three hour lecture for a full year course. So I took notes for half of the class and then gave up. πŸ˜› For my biotech class, we went over the syllabus.
        Oh awww. I hope it gets better!


      3. Oh, geez… That’s dumb. And long. Do you just have the two courses on Thursday?
        It will. She just has to get back into her routine again. Tomorrow’s a half day, so that’s good, lol.


      4. Haha it’s much longer than my attention span, that’s for sure. Yep. Also, my alarm decided to mess with me, so I didn’t get enough sleep either.
        Ah awesome. I miss half days.


  1. You two are scaring me to death! Here I am champing at the bit to get back and see the new “crop” of writers and you all are/were dreading to go back and counting the days until May. Oh noooooo. Now I’m apprehensive about the 18th my first meeting of my class.


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