Why Do You Blog?

I’m curious. I want to know why you blog.

Why you write blog posts. Edit them. Publish some.

Why you blog every day or once a week or whenever you fancy.

Why you tell stories or compose poetry. Why you share advice or opinions on WordPress. Why you do what you do.

Now that I think about it, I also want to know why you put up with me. And how.

8 thoughts on “Why Do You Blog?

  1. Because I love it. I started blogging because I wanted to build a brand as a writer, but now, even if writing never worked out for me, I’d still be blogging. I can’t imagine life without blogging or reading or writing.


  2. I blog as that grey space between private journal writing and the wide spread publishing of Facebook or Instagram. I have the anonymity here of being lost amongst a myriad of other blogs, but still being “published” for those who might look for my words but not necessarily me. I write and publish the posts that are honest enough without being too honest. I blog when I fancy because I’m obsessive. If I blogged by a schedule preset I would learn to resent it, like much of my real world experience with all it’s deadlines and due dates, and I would also try to push and make money from it. I tell stories and I used to compose poetry because I like the grey areas, the spaces inferred and implied between sentences and between verses. I came over from blogger, after blogger turned into a too messy world-I think my blog is still on blogger, somewhere collecting cyber dust. You write. You’re varied in your content but consistent in your voice. You’re a character I can check in on, and find comfort in your being there and actually saying something, not advertising or trying to pawn something.


    1. Well said. I love journaling as well. And blogging is like a journal in many ways. Sometimes I’ll look back at old posts to see how far I’ve come. Mhm, I can understand that. It’s nice to get away from the real world and not have to meet deadlines every day. I’m glad you still enjoy blogging even after all this time. Very true. Oh, I didn’t know you started on Blogger. I’ve always been meaning to learn more about that platform. Thank you! I really enjoy the community on here.

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  3. I entered the blogging world by accident. I started an on-line book group to replace a book group I’d created back in the 80’s with face to face discussions. However, it fizzled. Some moved away to live near adult children; a few died–literally. When I had serious foot surgery in 2014, during my recovery while I had to be totally off my feet for two months, I resurrected the group only made it an on-line group, and in a contest, we named it Powerful Women Readers. Debbie Nance, a close friend (might as well say younger sister from another mother) introduced me to blogs via her Readerbuzz and helped me get started.
    And the rest is history. It will be one year as a blogger in March. You can read about this and our passion to expand literacy in our little town in the first two postings (Introduction and the next above it) at We meet as a group to discuss assigned books once a quarter at my house and have anywhere from six to sixteen women who come. Our next get together will be Feb. 5th. We will have a door prize and all will bring books to share. Leftovers or books unclaimed will by default be donated to my LFL (Little Free Library) in my side yard. We talk, we eat, we laugh, and we talk about ways to improve literacy in our little part of the world.


    1. Sometimes accidents are the best thing to ever happen. Oh, that’s neat. Thanks for sharing your story. Aw. I like the name. Aha, I see.
      Well done! I hope you keep blogging for many years after.
      All the best with the gathering. Enjoy and have fun.


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