Personal Reflection

Lazy Potato

I’ve been thinking about making some changes to my life, but I’m also a lazy potato, so I haven’t spurred myself into action just yet.

This post is a warning to you and a wake up call to me.

If I do make changes to this blog, don’t freak out. I warned you beforehand like the considerate blogger I am.

If I don’t do anything, then it’s official…I am a potato in a human body.

And by writing this blog post, I hope some of my brain cells will wake the real Herminia up. They’re clearly asleep on the job.

At least that thing I call my terrible sense of humour isn’t going anywhere.

8 thoughts on “Lazy Potato

  1. Potatoes are currently unavailable in stores due to an outbreak of Tuna -something or other. Your being a potato, in the light of my current potato famine has drastically changed the dynamics of our relationship…


      1. It sucks. A lot. I like potatoes. Weirdly, fries are plentiful. Actual potatoes nope.

        However, as a potato you have an excellent cameo appearance in The Lord of the Rings, courtesy of Samwise Gamgee. This is good, no?


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