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Your Year | A Poem

Embracing loved ones

Around gold and red

Like leaves of autumn

Surrounding us as we gather

To ring in

And sweep out

Anew, afresh

Fortune for all

Prosperity for everyone

Smiles abound

Clean mouths for once

Dragons dance

Envelopes scatter

Distributed into hands 

It’s the year of you

The year of yours

Happy Chinese New Year! Wishing you happiness and prosperity in 2017.

18 thoughts on “Your Year | A Poem

      1. Oh, that’s me! I think I’m a rooster… 1993? I can’t remember.
        Why is it still the monkey? I thought it was the new year, lol.


      2. Oh, that makes sense, lol.
        Yay! At the New Year I said this was going to be my year for writing and finally get my writing career off the ground. So, I’m going to take this as a good sign that this will indeed be the year of me. 🙂


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