Oh, Outlining

I don’t outline 300 page novels. So what makes you think I’m going to outline 3 page essays?

Teachers and their unbelievable expectations, eh?

I don’t outline unless I have to. So when I am outlining, it’s safe to say I’d rather be doing a million other things. Like writing.

Most of the time, I brainstorm or generate ideas without writing anything down. On the rare occasion I have to outline, I tend to dump everything in my brain onto the page. And try to make it presentable for my professor.

I guess I’m too impatient to make an outline before I start writing.

In my world, outlining isn’t writing. Similarly, editing isn’t writing.

I have nothing against outlining. I just don’t love it as much as I love writing.

8 thoughts on “Oh, Outlining

  1. I also don’t find outlining that important for my writing either, however I can see how it helps some people. As for editing, I personally find it almost as fun as the actual writing, not quite but almost. You add while you read and you can change a story amazingly in your own mind when editing. But as I said, outlining is a chore for essays, more so than a story outline, in fact I loathe essay outlining so much! XD


    1. Mhm I feel the same way. Outlining can be such a chore. For me, the benefits don’t outweigh the disadvantages. Haha. I usually don’t mind editing, but it takes a lot of time. Exactly. Essay outlining doesn’t work for me.

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  2. Even though I outline my novels, I always hated outlining my essays. Like you, I’d rather write it all out and then edit it down to look presentable. I hated it when teachers made us outline because it never turned out well. I always changed it anyway because I would write it just for the sake of the grade.


    1. Mmm. I’d rather outline a novel than an essay, regardless of the length. Same here. Sometimes I would write the essay and then make the outline after, assuming the teacher didn’t want to see the outline first. 😛


  3. There are so many other ways to map out your writing than outlining that I never assign an outline any more. Those who benefit from any kind of listing, clustering or outlining are welcome to do so, just don’t turn it in and expect me to look at it! No points for that!
    I think with computers, the computer allows you to line up, move around whole chunks, and other things which have done away with the need to outline.


    1. Agreed. Oh, awesome. Outlining doesn’t work for everybody. That’s why there are other methods and techniques. Ahaha.
      Very true. A ton of apps help with outlining or listing or mind-mapping too.


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