My Blogging Process

  1. Tell myself I need to blog.
  2. Procrastinate.
  3. Tell myself I really need to blog right now.
  4. Procrastinate some more.
  5. Realize I procrastinated for much too long.
  6. Proceed to begin blogging.
  7. Scratch my head for ideas.
  8. Hate the first one that comes to mind.
  9. Think of something worth pursuing further.
  10. Start typing.
  11. Hope for the best.
  12. Type an entire blog post only to hate it.
  13. Debate deleting it.
  14. Draft up something else.
  15. Write until I don’t have anything else to say.
  16. Brace myself to edit a mess.
  17. Delete every other word.
  18. Read the post.
  19. Publish the post.
  20. Repeat every day for the rest of my life, hopefully.

14 thoughts on “My Blogging Process

  1. Even I follow the same process, more or less. πŸ˜€
    There are many drafts that I had saved at some point or the other, and some of them, I am afraid that I have even forgotten about. Got to do some digging.


  2. Going digging in your discarded drafts is a great idea–which I know from experience. All the little peeps are hidden right there, just waiting to be hatched and loved! Great post, with which I can also relate. Some people actually think writing is easy. Go figure!


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