When I Get My Best Ideas

I edit while I write. I can’t help it. Especially when I’m writing an essay and don’t know what to say next. I’ll just start editing what I’ve already written in hopes that inspiration will strike. That an idea will fall from the sky and land in my lap. That some magical solution will solve all my problems.

It doesn’t always. So when I’m stuck, I take a break from writing. And do something else instead. Like reading. Or dancing. Even just eating.

Funny how those moments when I’m not thinking about writing tend to lead to some of my best ideas.

18 thoughts on “When I Get My Best Ideas

  1. I edit if I’m stuck, too. Sometimes it really does help.
    And the best ideas really are found in the most random of places. I thought of something brand new in the shower last night and I’ve already started working on it… despite everything else I’m working on.


      1. That’s good, though.
        I’m working on two novels, with three new ideas in the works… plus poetry and shorts for contests and such. I really have no idea, lol.


  2. It sounds as if you have discovered the perfect “cure” for Writer’s block–go do something different. You are right; some of a writer’s best work comes when she/he is not writing.


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