My Editing Tips

  • Delete the word “that”. Because that is usually not necessary. That is rarely needed for clarity. If it is needed, by all means leave that in there. If not, get rid of that.
  • Don’t use the same word or phrase all the time. Can you believe that I used to use “then” every other sentence? My elementary teacher even told my parents about this. Then I stopped using then completely. Afterwards, I tried to switch it up, which led to many awkward sentence constructions. And later on, I learned not to rely on any one word so much. Instead I attempted to use the best word in each scenario, not the same one in all of them.
  • Discard adverbs. Like you discard trash. Quickly and efficiently.
  • Do read out loud. Because nothing is more fun than reading your work out loud. Trust me on this one.

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