Writing A Cover Letter

Even though a cover letter is quite short length-wise, it took me a long time to write one today. I’m a writer. What did you expect?

If you think writing is easier for writers than it is for non-writers, think again.

I’m pretty sure I over-analyzed every sentence I wrote more than once. Also, I changed the introduction a million times and couldn’t think of a way to conclude for the longest time. Eventually I looked up example cover letters for inspiration. I also needed to make sure I was on the right track. The only thing I remember from that Internet search: you’re not writing an autobiography, you’re writing a cover letter.

I’m proud of myself for starting my summer job search early. But I’m not proud that I wrote said cover letter as a way to procrastinate working on my media article analysis. Or any of my other more pressing assignments.

I’m a writer and a procrastinator. But you already knew that.

10 thoughts on “Writing A Cover Letter

      1. I always like your writing. I’m an old hand at pain, physical pain, chronic pain, so I feel others “pain” and share it whether it is physical, psychic, or emotional. I think you have a gift for expressing yourself, whether it be pain, joy, frustration–for I’m “seen” you do it all as I’ve followed your posts.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. Writing cover letters is awful. I actually have one sitting on my computer, unsent, because I have no idea who to address it to. The website isn’t clear and I feel stuck.
    What kind of job are you applying to?


    1. Oh yeah. I had the same issue. I wasn’t sure either. Addressing the letter to whom it may concern feels wrong. I applied for a student marketing position over the summer. But I’m looking into social media and content creation jobs as well.


      1. It does and I feel like that’s frowned upon because they assume you didn’t take the time to “get to know them.”
        Oh, that’s cool! I hope something comes up for you soon.


      2. Exactly. But sometimes it isn’t clear who’s going to read your cover letter. And I don’t want to make any assumptions either.
        If something does, I’ll make sure you know all about it. 😛


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