Bookish Questions

How well do you know my reading preferences?

Paperback or hardcover?


Print or Ebooks?


Audiobooks or Ebooks?


Series or standalones?


Short or long chapters?


Short or long books?


Poetry or prose?


Popular or literary fiction?


Fantasy or sci-fi?


Fantasy or mystery?


Books turned into TV shows or movies?


Buy or borrow?


Library or bookstore?


Eat or drink while reading?


How’d you do? How would you answer the above questions?


8 thoughts on “Bookish Questions

  1. New England Nomad says:

    I agree with most of your responses. I would select library over bookstores. I like the idea of supporting the local libraries and whenever I go to my local library it brings back a lot of fond memories.

  2. Rae Longest says:

    Paperback or hardback–either

    Print or E Books–print

    Audiobooks or E books–E books

    Series or Stand alones–both

    Short chapters or long–short

    Short books or long ones–no preference

    Poetry or Prose–prose

    Popular or literary fiction–literary fiction (That’s the Lit major in me.)

    Fantasy or Sci Fi–Not too keen on either

    Fantasy or mystery–mystery

    Books turned into TV shows or movies–both

    Buy or borrow–buy mostly but also borrow from library

    Library or bookstore–both, either presents a good visit

    Eat or drink while reading–sip and nibble both

    Now you can compare our answers. When I tried to guess, answering as you(which was fun) I had to really guess because I had no idea, but I’m “learning” you as I go.


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