Creative Writing

Coin Drop | A Short Story

“Hey!” Sally called out without thinking twice about what she was doing.

The man turned around to see a young girl about half his height and approximately half his age as well.

“You dropped this.” She bent down to pick up the coin on the dark pavement. Sally had never seen what she now held in her hand before.

“Thank you.” 

Both of them extended their arm out at the same time.

When the coin exchanged hands, the man closed his fingers around it, forming a tight fist.

Without another word, Sally turned and walked away with a smile on her face.

Keith watched her, watched until he couldn’t see her any longer. Only then did he look around him.

He scurried away to his car, parked in the garage of an old building. When he felt sure no one was watching, Keith opened his palm. The coin had a drop of sweat on it from his hand. His heart slowed down and his breathing returned to normal.

An overwhelming sensation washed over him just then. He felt an urge he couldn’t resist.

Keith dropped the coin into an empty coffee cup before driving home with a small smile on his face.

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