My Editing (Other People’s Work) Process

  1. I see someone asking me to edit something.
  2. I give a sigh.
  3. I agree.
  4. I tell the person to send over whatever it is that needs to be edited.
  5. I ask when I need to edit the piece by. 
  6. I start reading.
  7. I narrow my eyebrows.
  8. I frown.
  9. I cock my head to the side.
  10. I cringe.
  11. I mentally correct some grammatical mistakes.
  12. I blink several times.
  13. I take a deep breath.
  14. I finish reading.
  15. I realize I need a break.
  16. I read it again to catch mistakes I missed the first time through.
  17. I begin to come up with suggestions.
  18. I try to think of something nice to say about the writing.
  19. I give my “brutally honest” opinion.
  20. I smile when I’m done.

7 thoughts on “My Editing (Other People’s Work) Process

  1. We have a book currently in the process of being edited called Eaten an Eskimo. We haven’t given up on you yet. Your feedback is still important to us after countless attempts. Please come on by, because the blog is going viral as we speak and we need writers like you to be a part of it


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