An Apology To Books

I’d like to apologize to all the books out there that I have…

  • Dropped
  • Dog-eared
  • Spilled water on
  • Bent the spine of
  • Treated in some terrible manner

I promise I love books.

4 thoughts on “An Apology To Books

  1. You need a lesson from Doctor Book, a primary school librarian friend of mine who early in the years teaches pre-schoolers how to care for books (in a German accent, wearing scrubs and big, round glasses) She says things like, “Vun should always wash the hands before opening a book,” and “Don’t eat chokolat when reading a book.” I wish she had made a video; it is hilarious, and the kids sit there bug eyed soaking it all in. Cute!


    1. Hahaha that sounds awesome. I feel like we would get along. I usually wash my hands before reading a book, at least when I’m at home anyway. The older I get, the more I found I take better care of things. We should make a video. 😉


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